Thomas Aquinas College takes an active interest in the future of its students, and therefore offers numerous services to aid them in discerning a 职业 as well as choosing a career.

For those inclined to pursue graduate or professional studies, the Career Center provides resources to help students find the right program, 获得入学许可, and obtain financial aid. The Center additionally maintains a library of materials about select graduate schools and preparation for entrance exams such as the GMAT, 称MCAT, 和考试.

As the majority of students plan to enter the workforce immediately after graduation, the Career Center makes a particular effort to help upperclassmen through the process of choosing the right career path, finding internships, writing résumés, and preparing for interviews. The Career Counselor offers free one-on-one career advisement, 根据需要, and the Center distributes a Career Strategies Guide developed specifically to aid TAC students in showcasing their unique talents and skill sets in a competitive marketplace. 

The Center regularly organizes recruiting events and networking sessions at which graduates, 董事会成员, benefactors, parents, and friends provide information about their fields. Such events often lead to internships and full-time employment after graduation. The Center also arranges career panels, 会谈, 和研讨会, during which students learn about opportunities in various professions. 

In conjunction with the 父母’ Association and 校友 Association, the Career Center facilitates networking opportunities for students and passes along word of employment opportunities. All students also receive free access to the College’s 校友 Association website, which features regular job postings and extensive networking opportunities. 

Additionally, throughout the year, the College’s 牧师 schedule discernment evenings — often featuring the testimonials of visiting priests, 兄弟, and sisters — for those considering a 职业 to the priesthood and religious life. The 牧师 are also available for more personalized discernment, as well as spiritual direction, for those who seek it.